Services & Fees

We are happy to give advice with respect to any proposed building works that you or your neighbour may be considering and offer a full Party Wall service from start to finish of proposed works.

Party Wall Notices - £25.00

  • Draft and serve a professional and bespoke notice(s) to your neighbour(s) by 1st Class Post.
  • Carry out Land Registry search to verify your neighbour(s) identity and address and write to letting agents
  • Add explanatory note to your architectural drawings to ensure notice is valid.
  • Provide initial letter and acknowledgement forms to support Notice
  • Provide a follow-up “Ten Day Notices” if required

Party Wall Award with Schedule of Condition

  • Prepare and serve Party Wall Awards on the owners
  • Visit your neighbour’s property prior to commencement of building work to inspect areas that may be considered to be at risk from the works
  • Take notes and photographs of adjoining property, with any existing cracks and defects being measured during the inspection
  • Provide you and your neighbour with copies of the Schedule of Condition
  • Set working times and execution of works
  • Set out provisions for rectifying any damage if causes without the need for Civil claim when required
  • Set out all rights of access

Once the works have been completed, and second site visit may be required to inspect the schedule of condition and hopefully confirm that no damage was caused whilst works were being carried out.

We are happy to give advice with respect to any proposed building works.​